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Lastest Scores (1/26/23)
[ All times EDT ]
557 IND 120 FINAL
558 ORL 126
559 BKN 133 FINAL
560 PHI 137
561 ATL 137 FINAL
562 OKC 132
563 DEN 99 FINAL
564 MIL 107
565 MIN 111 FINAL
566 NOK 102
567 WAS 108 FINAL
568 HOU 103
569 MEG 120 FINAL
570 GST 122
571 UTA 124 FINAL
572 POR 134
573 TOR 113 FINAL
574 SAC 95
575 SAN 104 FINAL
576 LAL 113
503 NYK 120 FINAL
504 BOS 117
501 CHI 96 FINAL
502 CHN 111
505 DET 130 FINAL
506 BKN 122
507 CLE 113 FINAL
508 HOU 95
509 DAL 99 FINAL
510 PHX 95
511 SAN 100 FINAL
512 LAC 138
306517 ALBY 65 FINAL
306518 UNH 84
661 XAV 82 FINAL
662 CONN 79
306501 PRE 80 FINAL
306502 UNCA 88
306503 LEH 74 FINAL
306504 HC 68
695 HOU 82 FINAL
696 UCF 71
689 UGA 41 FINAL
690 TENN 70
685 WIS 55 FINAL
686 MD 73
699 WVU 76 FINAL
700 TTU 61
306511 STON 56 FINAL
306512 HART 73
697 USF 76 FINAL
698 TEMP 79
306523 L-MD 46 FINAL
306524 LAF 62
306521 ARMY 61 FINAL
306522 AMER 63
684 PITT 81
306519 UVM 80 FINAL
306520 BING 55
306509 MASL 70 FINAL
306510 ME 75
306513 UMBC 65 FINAL
306514 NJIT 69
306525 NAVY 63 FINAL
306526 BUCK 46
688 FLA 81
678 GW 92
676 MASS 85
673 L-IL 58 FINAL
674 DUQ 72
667 GMU 52 FINAL
668 VCU 72
669 FOR 79 FINAL
670 SBON 68
671 DAY 70 FINAL
672 URI 75
LONG   7:00 PM
306507 SCUS 66 FINAL
306508 WEBB 78
306505 CHSO 64 FINAL
306506 WIN 76
306515 CAMP 72 FINAL
306516 HP 64
665 CIT 81 FINAL
666 WCU 70
691 WOF 85 FINAL
692 CHAT 80
679 VMI 50 FINAL
680 UNCG 62
664 MER 71
681 SAM 84 FINAL
682 FUR 91
694 IPFW 81
729 NW 78 FINAL
730 NEB 63
702 SFA 83
704 UNI 77
707 BEL 73 FINAL
708 EVAN 64
706 BRAD 79
710 UTA 66
711 BUT 58 FINAL
712 PROV 79
718 ALA 66
715 TA&M 79 FINAL
716 AUB 63
722 WICH 90
713 LOU 65 FINAL
714 BC 75
719 SJU 76 FINAL
720 CREI 104
723 IND 61 FINAL
724 MINN 57
725 CHS 65 FINAL
726 STAN 72
727 USU 75 FINAL
728 SDSU 85
306531 SFNY 65 FINAL
306532 WAG 56
734 APP 71
306533 EKY 71 FINAL
306534 BELU 72
306541 LONG 59 FINAL
306542 RAD 63
767 SMU 84 FINAL
768 MEM 99
743 WKU 69 FINAL
744 FIU 78
749 MTU 67 FINAL
750 FAU 85
758 MSM 60
752 MSU 63
306537 LIU 74 FINAL
306538 SHU 70
306545 MRMK 64 FINAL
306546 CCSU 61
306539 SFPA 82 FINAL
306540 FDU 87
739 ULM 86 FINAL
740 MRSH 82
746 JMU 75
754 WIU 75
756 MORE 76
748 WRST 93
737 GB 50 FINAL
738 NKU 68
735 DEL 66 FINAL
736 HAMP 67
742 NCAT 68
766 UNCW 52
764 ELON 65
762 WMMY 77
759 NE 63 FINAL
760 TOWS 72
306547 FGC 82 FINAL
306548 QUEU 84
306543 JAC 62 FINAL
306544 NALA 80
306535 STET 45 FINAL
306536 LIB 74
770 TNTC 80
802 UTM 66
306549 PEAY 57 FINAL
306550 KENN 84
778 RICE 65
306553 TCOM 62 FINAL
306554 LAM 57
788 TARL 74
790 ABIL 73
772 ULL 72
776 USM 73
779 ODU 66 FINAL
780 USA 64
774 TXST 70
782 STMN 60
784 UMKC 64
785 DEN 61 FINAL
786 ORU 102
306551 UNF 85 FINAL
306552 CARK 88
792 SEMO 92
306557 MCNS 65 FINAL
306558 INCA 70
306559 NICH 86 FINAL
306560 AMCC 96
306555 UNO 87 FINAL
306556 SELA 92
793 SEA 40 FINAL
794 SHSU 55
795 EIU 74 FINAL
796 SIND 78
811 PUR 75 FINAL
812 MICH 70
808 USC 77
810 ORE 75
804 UNT 63
799 LT 59 FINAL
800 UAB 65
306563 HBU 63 FINAL
306564 NWST 82
797 UVU 67 FINAL
798 SUU 79
813 WEB 73 FINAL
814 IDHO 65
806 EWU 81
306561 LIP 67 FINAL
306562 JVST 72
817 USD 87 FINAL
818 PEPP 78
816 LMU 79
820 CP 52
828 CSN 57
821 UCD 79 FINAL
822 CSB 58
823 UCI 61 FINAL
824 CSF 62
830 PRST 66
826 CSUS 67
834 WSU 58
831 ASU 66 FINAL
832 WASH 69
836 ORST 44
UCSB   11:59 PM
838 HAW 64
76 OTT 2
74 TOR 3
78 DAL 2
80 EDM 2
82 SEA 6
4 MON 3
2 TAM 3
6 WAS 3
10 NSH 6
8 WPG 2
12 MIN 3
16 ARI 5
14 CGY 1
18 COL 3
202453 BRD 2 FINAL
202454 FSV 1
202457 BCHM 0 FINAL
202458 LEV 2
202461 FRA 1 FINAL
202462 SCF 1
202465 MGL 0 FINAL
202466 AUGS 1
202469 UBER 2 FINAL
202470 WEB 1
202201 SOC 0 FINAL
202202 BAR 1
202205 SEV 1 FINAL
202206 OSA 2
202209 ATH 3 FINAL
202210 VLC 1
202213 ATLM 1 FINAL
202214 REM 3
206685 BENF 2 FINAL
206686 PFER 0
209309 LAG 2 FINAL
209310 ALS 2

Sports Gaming Glossary


Action Any wager. A player is said to be in action when having a bet riding on any sporting event or table game.
Action Jackson A gambler who wagers every day - day and night!
Agent (1) A Player cheat who frequents casino's and works with casino dealers and employees. (2) A person who, for a fee or commission, lures people to a crooked game to be fleeced. (3) Person who solicits sports bets for a bookmaker.
Apple A sucker. A soft player - easy prey - cannot win.
APR Annual Percentage Rate. The computation of the net result between profit and loss wagering over a specific period of time in relation to your start-up bankroll (investment). The APR is a simple rate of return converted to an annual percentage. Example: $100 profit on a $200 start-up bankroll after six months equals an APR of 100%.
B.R. Acronym for Bankroll
Backer (1) Someone who will stake a gambler with a good reputation during a difficult period. (2) Someone who supplies a bookmaker with cash (behind the scenes).
Bad Beat A tough loss.
Bail Out Trying to get back a sum of losses with one wager.
Beard A person used to place bets so the bookmakers will not know the identity of the actual bettor.
Beef Any situation that is or may cause a problem. Complaint against a book.
Bet the Limit To bet the maximum amount allowed by the bookmaker.
Betting Ring A syndicate of big money sports bettors who place large bets, wiseguys, etc.
Big Dime A $10,000 wager.
Big Nickel A $5,000 wager.
Big Order A large sports bet of five or six figures.
Bite A request by a gambler for a loan.
Board The complete agenda of games on any given day.
Boat Race A crooked horse race.
Bookmaker (Bookie) A person who takes race and sports bets. Also known as B.M.
Bottom Line Money owed to a bookmaker by a player.
Buck A $100 wager. Also referred to as a C-Note.
Bum Steer Bad information.
Bundle Large bankroll.
Bust A Player who goes broke (loses his bankroll or stash).
Buster Odds of 15 to 1 on a winning horse (also known as a fuzzy).
C-Note Slang for a $100 bill.
C.O.D. No assets, and no credit. All bets must be made for cash only.
Carpet Joint A plush/class operation.
Cash Management The function of managing your cash assets? hopefully to profit.
Casino A.K.A. Sports Book. The sports book where the sports gaming information (spreads, lines, totals, etc.) is posted. The information is not guaranteed. You will need to check directly with your bookmaker to secure your information.
Chalk The favorite in a game.
Chalk Eater A person who only wagers on favorites. (a.k.a., Chalk Player)
Clerk A person who answers phones, and deals lines for a bookmaker. Also known as a ticket writer.
Confidence (Rating) The level of confidence the bettor places on a particular selection in a game. MMS allows for a 3 star rating system (*,**,***). MMS records each star rated selection and provides historical analysis on the bettor's selection proficiency based on each confidence rating.
Connected Meaning a person is connected to organized crime.
Cooler A prearranged deck or shoe of cards (Blackjack, Poker or Baccarat) has been used both for and against the house. (a.k.a. a cold deck of cards).
Copper When one gambler fades and takes the opposing side of another gamblers bet, position or opinion.
Cover To win a wager by more than the spread (in the case of a favorite) or to win a wager by the underdog losing by less than the spread.
Crossroader Any player who does not bet without cheating.
Current Lines The current gaming lines available for each particular game, based on the time of your most recent downloading of line information through a LIVE UPDATE function. If the data box under Opening Lines and Current Lines has a " XX " in it, it means that no lines were available through MMS data sources for that particular game.
Date Closed The date when the gaming lines were last downloaded into the MMS data base.
Daub A paste or liquid used to mark cards.
Dean (The) A smart gambler who can calculate odds and percentages. (a.k.a. The Professor)
Default Wager The designated wager (a.k.a. Flat Wager) for each straight bet.
Desperado Gambler who bets big and can't pay when he loses.
Deuce Dealers A dealer who can peek at the top card and deal the next card if the top card is not to his liking (advantage). (a.k.a. second dealer, mechanic, or number two man)
Dime Bet A $1,000 wager.
Dog The underdog in any wagering proposition.
Dog It A player who is afraid to increase his wager size during an extended winning streak.
Dollar Bet A $100 wager.
Double Bet A wager twice the size of a players usual wager. (a.k.a. a press bet or doubling up)
Double Sawbuck A $20 wager.
Dry A player is Dry when he has run out of funds and credit.
Dutch Book A price-makers odds line which totals more than 100%.
Ear A bent corner put on a playing card to identify or locate it.
Easy Way In the game of CRAPS: to make a point number (4, 6, 8 or 10) any way but the hard way (e.g., with doubles: 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s).
Edge Any advantage a player can utilize.
Eighter from Decatur The number eight in the game of CRAPS.
End A share of something. What is my "end of the score."
Even Up, Even Money (1) A bet or proposition giving each player an equal chance to win. (2) A wager at correct odds. (3) A 50-50 bet.
Exacta HORSE RACING: a wager picking the two horses finishing first and second in the correct order.
Exotic Bets A.K.A. Proposition Bets: propositions generally attached to a specific game or on certain players for a particular league. Wagering on exotic plays are done by laying or taking odds. Example of an exotic bet: which running back in the Super Bowl will run for more yards from scrimmage.
Face Card A king, queen or jack in a deck of cards. (a.k.a. a paint card)
Fade To cover a bet. You're faded.
False Cut A cut leaving the deck in its original position.
Fast Company Seasoned or smart gamblers.
Fat A player with a large bankroll. (a.k.a. deep pockets)
Fever A gambling habit or itch.
Field Several horses or contestants in a sports tournament grouped as one contestant for betting purposes.
Figure An amount owed to or by a bookmaker.
Fink An informer. (a.k.a. stool pigeon)
Fish A sucker, or a person who makes sucker bets.
Fix A bribe or to be bribed. The fix is in.
Flat Store Any gaming operation that is crooked.
Flats Crooked dice that have been shaved to favor certain numbers.
Futures Wagering A Future is an event that occurs beyond the present game date schedule of games (including football games scheduled for the coming weekend). Wagering on Futures is done by laying or taking odds. Examples of Futures Wagering: (a) the winner of the Super Bowl, (b) the over/under for the # of games a MLB team will win in the coming season, (c) the winner of at least one Golf Major Tournament for the coming season, etc.
G-Note A $1,000 wager.
Gaff Any method or device that aids in cheating.
Game Date (1) The date when a particular game is scheduled to be played. (2) A slang meaning the date when all games from all applicable sports are scheduled to be played.
Game Time The time when a particular game is scheduled to be played. MMS clearly defines if the game time is eastern time or pacific time.
George A generous player (usually a big tipper). The opposite of a TOM.
Get Out The process of regaining ones losses (usually by winning).
Getting Down The act of making a wager.
Graveyard Shift The early morning shift of a gaming establishment. Sportsbooks usually do not open until 9:00 am local time.
Grinder Small time player.
Grindjoint or Store A book that caters to small players.
Half a Buck A $50 wager.
Handicapper A person who studies and evaluates all sporting events.
Handle The total amount of money taken in bets.
Hardway Bet To bet the number4, 6, 8, or 10 will be made before a 7 appears with duplicate numbers (e.g. 2s, 3s, 4, or 5s).
Hedging Betting the opposite side of an original wager in order to reduce your original wager.
High Hurdler A person who left town owing money leaving no forwarding address. (a.k.a. skipper, took a powder, came up lame)
Holding Your Own Barely or almost breaking even from betting.
Hook The half point in game spreads and totals.
Hooked Losing a wager by exactly ? a point.
Hot Dice CRAPS: slang for dice that are passing or a player on an extended winning streak.
Hot Game Any game attracting a lot of action on one side by many players.
House The operators of a Casino or Sportsbook.
In the Bag A.K.A. a LOCK. Said of a sporting event with a predetermined outcome. Associated with the fix is in!.
In the Red A player owing money to his bookmaker.
Jackpot (1) A troublesome situation. (2) An expression of exuberation over a large winning bet.
Jerk Another word for a tie, or push between two teams involving a spread.
Juice (1) The Vig or vigorish. The bookmakers commission for taking a bet. (2) A term in casinos denoting influence with upper management.
Kibitzer A spectator at ay game who usually dispenses unwanted advice.
Kick Ones pocket. He put the bankroll in his kick.
Knock To cast disparaging remarks about someone. A.K.A. rap.
Laydown Making a wager.
Laying Points Betting on the favorite in a game.
Level One Sports Handicapping The Gut Feel level of handicapping for MMS. This is where the schedule of games for all sports posted (by MMS) are first displayed. Information displayed includes all game spreads, totals, money lines, puck lines, and run lines.
Level Two Sports Handicapping Analysis The carryover of games handicapped from Level One Sports Handicapping that the user elects to have recorded for future tracking. This is also the level where MMS provides for access to team and league statistics.
Limit (1) The maximum amount a player may wager on a specific bet or event. (2) The maximum amount a player may increase a previous bet (usually at a poker game). (3) The maximum amount bet before the casino/bookie changes the odds and/or point spread. A.K.A. the cap.
Line The listed odds or point spread offered on a game.
Linemaker A person who establishes (creates) the original and subsequent betting lines. A.K.A. an oddsmaker or pricemaker.
Little Joe from Kokomo CRAPS: the point being number four.
Live Horse A horse considered to be in shape to run at his best potential.
Live One A player with money looking for action and/or a sportsbook.
Lock Best bet, an easy winner, a no brainer, etc.
Maiden A horse that has never won a race.
Marker An advance extended to a player on credit. A.K.A. credit.
Michigan Bankroll A large bankroll consisting mostly of one dollar bills with a large denomination bill on the outside.
Middle Winning both sides of a betting proposition. Example: Laying the Lakers at -6, buying back the Knicks at +8, and the game ending Lakers: 100 Knicks 93 for a difference of (7).
Money Line The money line is an indicator by the oddsmaker of a teams odds of winning a game or proposition. The negative (-) money line represents how many dollars you would need to wager to win $10. A positive money line represents how many dollars you would win if you wagered $10.
Morning Line A Linemakers morning guess as to the probable odds on the games that are to be played that day.
Mudder A horse known to favor a muddy track.
Mush Artist A gambler who doesn't pay.
Nailed A player caught cheating or stealing.
Natural (1) Black Jack - Ace & 10 count card. (2) CRAPS - 7 or 11 on the first roll.
Net Winnings The Potential Gross Winnings less the original cash wager. Example: Gross Winnings @ $21.00 - $11.00 original wager = $10.00 Net Winnings. (See Potential Gross Winnings)
Nickel A $500 wager.
Nut A gambler or gambling enterprise's operating expenses.
Odds The ratio of favorable vs. unfavorable possibilities in an event.
Odds on Favorite A horse or competitor (e.g., a heavily favored team) that is so favored that the odds are quoted as less than even money. The odds on favorite is priced at 1 to 10.
Off the Board Sporting events that casinos or bookmakers will not accept action on.
Office A secret signal passed from a gambler to his confederate.
On the Hop CRAPS: a one roll wager (e.g., wagering on Red 7).
Opening Lines The first gaming lines available for each particular game. If the data box under Opening Lines and Current Lines has a " XX " in it, it means that no lines were available through MMS data sources for that particular game.
Over/Unders (Totals) Total combined number of points expected to be scored between two teams or as part of a proposition. The over or under can be the favored money line in a proposition.
Overlay A sports wager when the odds of a proposition are in favor of the bettor rather than the casino or bookmaker.
P.M.G. Baseball: Acronym for Advertised Pitchers Must Go.
Paper Marked cards.
Parlay Card Odds The payout offered by the bookmaker based on successfully wagering on a 2- team or more parlay IN THE SBTE SPORT. Examples of payouts: 2-team @ 13 to 5, 3-team @ 6 to 1, 4-team @ 10 to 1, 5-team @ 20 to 1, etc. NOTE: in a 2 team parlay, if one of the games ends up as a"tie" or "no action." The parlay is reduced to the next lowest number of plays, therefore, a 2 team parlay becomes a straight bet on the remaining game.
Parlay Wager Two or more teams or propositions (straight bets) tied together to make one wager. All such propositions must win by the listed point spread or money odd.
Past Performance Prior events (e.g., games of a particular team) are studied in order to help determine the outcome of a future contest/game.
Past Post An attempt to place a wager on a game after it has started.
Pick'em Game A.K.A. PK. A game determined by the oddsmaker to be dead even between the teams, giving both sides an equal chance at victory.
Piece-Meal The act of paying a bookmaker in installments.
Pigeon A sucker.
Pipeline Any method of distributing information.
Pipes The telephone.
Player Gambler. (See Sports Investor.)
Popped Arrested.
Post-up Having to put money up before being allowed to wager (e.g., offshore accounts are all post-up accounts )
Potential Gross Winnings The original cash wager plus the potential net winnings (PROFIT). Example: original wager @ $11.00 + potential net winnings @ $10.00 = $21.00 potential gross winnings. (See Net Winnings)
Press To double ones previous wager after a win.
Price The odds or point spread for wagering on a game.
Pull Time Closed The time when the gaming lines were last downloaded into the MMS data base.
Push A tie between two teams. The wager does not win or lose. The Player gets his money returned.
Quinella HORSE RACING: a wager picking the 1st or 2nd place finish in either order (e.g., 1,2 or 2,1).
Rack A box to hold chips or checks.
Renege (1) To refuse to honor a lost wager or debt; to welsh. (2) To misplay a card illegally.
ROI Return on Investment. A simple interest rate of return on your start-up bankroll (investment dollars). The computation of the net result between profit and loss wagering over a specific period of time in relation to your start-up bankroll (investment). Example: start up bankroll = $1,000; profit after two weeks of wagering = $100; $100 ÷ $1,000 = .10 = 10% ROI.
Round Robin Wager A series of Parlay Wagers combined into one Wager transaction. The minimum number of teams or games in a RR is three. The combinations in a 3 team RR are two team (3 combinations), and three team (one combination). You determine the base wager on each combination (e.g., $10.00) and calculate your total wager by the number of combinations (e.g., 4 X $10.00 = $40.00).
Roundball Slang for basketball. A.K.A. hoops.
Run Down Money line and point spread update.
Run Line Major League Baseball. Similar to the "puck line" in hockey. Usually requires the money line favored team to win by more than 1.5 runs, thus dramatically changing the money line odds on that team to make that team more favorable to wager on. Also usually afford the money line underdog team to either lose the game by less than 1.5 runs, or win the game outright to win a wager on the underdog. As with the favored team, the money line is dramatically changed, this time making the underdog less favorable to wager on.
Runner A player who places wagers for someone else.
Rush POKER: a streak of winning many consecutive hands. Can apply to sports as well; winning many consecutive games.
Sawbuck A $10 wager.
Sawdust Joint An unpretentious gambling casino.
Scalper A player who attempts to profit from the differences in odds from Sportsbook to Sportsbook.
Score A large win in a particular event.
Scout A person who studies a team during play and/or practice and reports his findings.
Send it in A player who takes full advantage of a winning streak by increasing his bets substantially. When he's going good he sends it in.
Sharp A smart, informed gambler. A wiseguy.
Short Ender A player who bets the underdog in any betting proposition.
Shortstop A small time player.
Shylock A loanshark.
Side To catch a side. To win one side of a bet and tie or push the other side.
Silks A jockeys uniform.
Smart Money When professional gamblers (wise guys) wager.
Soft Player A player who bets less when he wins and doubles up when he loses.
Spit A very small amount of money to wager on a game or play.
Sports Investor Individual or Corporate Entity that trades in Sports Gaming Futures for profit and as a profession.
Spot Player A player who waits for what he thinks is an unusually favorable situation before making a wager.
Square An unsophisticated player.
Squares CRAPS: perfect dice to within a tolerance of 1/5000 of an inch.
Steam Heavy, one way action (e.g., heavy action on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl).
Steamer The softest of soft players.
Straight Bet Wager on one event. Outcome of wager is determined by a point spread or the money odds.
Straight Parlay A parlay wager for which the payout is calculated based on the true or actual individual game odds posted at the time of the wager.
Stuck Losing - in the hole. Losing a lot. Buried - lost it all.
Take a Price Wagering on an underdog proposition.
Tapped Out Having lost ones last dollar from their bankroll.
Teaser Parlay Wagers The same type of wager as a regular parlay wager except that additional points are either added to the underdog or subtracted from the favorite. The payout of Teaser Parlay Wagers will be lower, in terms or payoff odds, than for regular parlay.
TOM No good. Not generous. Opposite of a George. See George.
TOUT A professional tipster who offers to sell his opinion on the outcome of a sporting event without benefit of knowledge.
Trap A bad bet: one that looks good but in reality is not.
Trump Another word for CASH.
Validation The section of MMS that allows for confirming spreads and money line odds (juice) after wagers have been made with a bookmaker. Example: in section 3, MMS records a wager on a game at -3.0 spread. The wager placed with the bookmaker ended up at a spread of -3.5. Through the validation screen, the wager can be changed to reflect the accurate spread.
Value A professional's opinion regarding a proposition that appears to be an overlay or an underlay - high or low.
Vigorish (Vig) Bookmaker's commission.
Virgin Line A line (money line or spread) sent out to Sportsbooks before any wagers have been made.
Wave (1) To bend the edge of a card during play for identification purposes. (2) the bend itself.
Welsher A person who doesn't pay his gambling debts.
Whale A player who tries to negotiate maximum limit and beyond wagers that make the largest casinos uncomfortable.
Winning Factor Your proficiency in making accurate handicapping and/or wager selections based on the actual odds for each game.
Winning Percentage Your proficiency in making accurate handicapping and/or wager selections based on a denominator of 100. Example: 10 selections, five of which were accurate; 5 ÷ 10 = .50 = 50% WP.
Wise Guy An educated professional gambler with an extensive track record of being a winning player.
Wrong Bettor CRAPS: a player who bets the "Don't Pass" and "Don't Come" line.
XX (Found in the sports line information boxes under Opening and Current Lines). If the data box under Opening Lines and Current Lines has a "XX " in it, it means that no lines were available through MMS data sources for that particular game.
Zombie A player who never shows emotion regardless of the outcome.


Baseball Money Lines - Favored & Underdog The cost (or juice) the Player would have to wager on the favored team to WIN the game. Example: New York Yankees -1.80 vs. Baltimore Orioles. You would have to wager (risk) $18.00 to win $10.00.
Baseball Official Game: OVER/UNDERS When wagering on the total number of runs scored by both teams, the game must go 9 innings (8.5 if the home team is ahead) to have "action" on the game. Thereafter, if a game is called or suspended, the score will be determined after the last full inning unless the home team scores to tie or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning in which case the score is determined by the score at the time the game is called. The listed pitchers must start or there is "no action" and the bettor receives his wager back.
Baseball Official Game: Winners & Losers (for wagering) Winners and losers are official after 5 innings of play. If the home team is winning, the game is official after 4.5 innings of play. Thereafter, if a game is called or suspended, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning unless the home team scores to tie or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning - in which case the winner is determined by the score at the time the game is called.
Baseball Proposition or Run Line Wagering The official game rules that apply to wagering on Baseball OVER/UNDERS also apply to Baseball proposition and run line wagering.
Baseball Run Lines A proposition play that requires the "favored" team to win the game by more than 1.5 runs. The underdog can lose the game by 1 run and still cover the Run Line. Example: New York Yankees -1.5 runs vs. Kansas City Royals.
Baseball: Listed Pitcher Wagering (straight wagers) An option of the bettor to require the stated (listed) starting pitchers for a game to actually start the game and make at least one pitch. If one or both of the listed pitchers fail to meet this minimum the game becomes"no action" and the bettor receives his wager back. A wager requiring only one of the listed pitchers to start is another wager option. The bettor is required to select which of the listed pitchers must start.
Boxing Wagering on boxing is done by laying or taking odds.
Favorite - Point Spread The team that is favored to win will have a point spread of ( - ) minus a number. Example: if the favored has a point spread of -3, that team will need to win the game by 4 or more points to win the wager. If the game ends with the favored winning by the 3-point spread the wager will be considered a push (tie) and you will receive your entire wager back.
Football & Basketball Default Money Lines on Spreads & Totals -1.10 or 11/10: the player wagers $11.00 to win $10.00. If the player wins his wager he receives his original wager of $11.00 plus his profit of $10.00 for a total of $21.00.
Hockey Money Lines - Favored & Underdog The cost (or juice) the Player would have to wager on the favored team to WIN the game. Example: Dallas Stars -1.80 vs. Calgary Flames. You would have to wager (risk) $18.00 to win $10.00. Hockey Money Lines are always set based on the Hockey Puck Lines.
Hockey Puck Lines The spread between two teams in a hockey game. The spread can be PK (pick) to whatever is posted by the sports book. Example: Dallas Stars -0.5 vs. Calgary Flames. To win a wager on Dallas, the Stars would have to win the game by one or more goals.
Official Game (for wagering) Each sport requires the game to go a specific length before being called for the game to considered official. For basketball, football, and hockey games, the game MUST go within five minutes of regulation or less for such games to be considered official by most bookmakers. For baseball official game guidelines, see Baseball Official Game rules.
Overtime Occurs when a game ends in regulation with both teams tied. Overtime results count in all sports wagers.
Totals (OVER/UNDER) The total score between the two teams in a game. You would handicap and/or wager whether the final score in the game would total OVER or UNDER the number posted. Example: NFL, New York Giants vs. Miami Dolphins: 39 (points). Final score: NG 21 MD 17. Total score equals 38 points. If you wagered the score to end under the number posted you would have WON the wager.
Underdog - Point Spread Just the opposite of the Favorite point spread. The underdog can win the game outright or lose by a sum less than the point spread for the player to win the wager.