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Lastest Scores (7/18/19)
[ All times EDT ]
629 DAL   3:30 PM
630 LA
901 SDG 1 BOT 3rd
902 MIA 2
903 LOS 2 BOT 2nd
904 PHI 1
917 TOR 0 BOT 1st
918 BOS 0
913 CWS   1:15 PM
914 KAN
925 TAM   3:00 PM
926 NYY
915 TAM   7:05 PM
916 NYY
919 DET   7:10 PM
920 CLE
905 STL   7:10 PM
906 CIN
907 WAS   7:20 PM
908 ATL
921 OAK   8:10 PM
922 MIN
923 HOU   9:07 PM
924 LAA
909 MIL   9:40 PM
910 ARI
911 NYM   9:45 PM
912 SFO
224409 JUEN 1 FINAL
224410 TOBL 1
1st Qualifying Round
224413 SBRI 1 FINAL
224414 KAIR 2
1st Qualifying Round
224417 ALSH 3 FINAL
224418 MGP 0
1st Qualifying Round
224421 VNTS 0 FINAL
224422 TDUR 1
1st Qualifying Round
BNBY 0 2nd  (90)
1st Qualifying Round
224429 STJA 1   (59)
224430 LEVT 1
1st Qualifying Round
224433 ABDN 1   (59)
224434 ROPS 1
1st Qualifying Round
224425 OLJB 1   (56)
224426 RGAS 0
1st Qualifying Round
224457 SEBL 0   (56)
224458 UCRA 2
1st Qualifying Round
224437 RUZK 0 1st  (43)
224438 LSOF 1
1st Qualifying Round
224441 LPJA 1 1st  (44)
224442 DMIN 0
1st Qualifying Round
224461 BREI 0 1st  (14)
224462 VADZ 0
1st Qualifying Round
224465 SPYK 0 1st  (16)
224466 APOL 1
1st Qualifying Round
224473 LARN 0 1st  (13)
224474 PCUB 0
1st Qualifying Round
ORDB 0 1st  (21)
1st Qualifying Round
224453 AKAP 0 1st  (13)
224454 ZMOS 0
1st Qualifying Round
224477 BHON 0 1st  (14)
224478 ZALG 0
1st Qualifying Round
224449 SBUC 1 1st  (14)
224450 MLSM 0
1st Qualifying Round
224469 SPER 0 1st  (16)
224470 NEF 0
1st Qualifying Round
224445 DDS 0 1st  (14)
224446 CRVA 1
1st Qualifying Round
224481 CLIF 0 1st  (14)
224482 HAUG 1
1st Qualifying Round
224493 LACI   1:30 PM
224494 BESH
1st Qualifying Round
224485 DTBI   1:30 PM
224486 ENGR
1st Qualifying Round
224489 CORK   1:30 PM
224490 PROG
1st Qualifying Round
224505 GZIR   2:00 PM
224506 HJDS
1st Qualifying Round
224501 ZETA   2:00 PM
224502 VID
1st Qualifying Round
224509 SPAT   2:00 PM
224510 NORK
1st Qualifying Round
224497 HAIF   2:00 PM
224498 MURA
1st Qualifying Round
224521 CRSD   2:00 PM
224522 BTOR
1st Qualifying Round
224513 DEBR   2:00 PM
224514 KUKE
1st Qualifying Round
224517 SHKT   2:00 PM
224518 HBER
1st Qualifying Round
224525 PYUN   2:30 PM
224526 SHKU
1st Qualifying Round
224529 KUPS   2:30 PM
224530 VBSK
1st Qualifying Round
224553 RDNN   2:45 PM
224554 STNR
1st Qualifying Round
224549 BALZ   2:45 PM
224550 DOMZ
1st Qualifying Round
224541 NTRN   2:45 PM
224542 BPOD
1st Qualifying Round
224545 GCQN   2:45 PM
1st Qualifying Round
224537 FLRA   2:45 PM
224538 RDNN
1st Qualifying Round
224557 STJO   2:45 PM
224558 RNGR
1st Qualifying Round
224533 MALM   2:45 PM
224534 BALY
1st Qualifying Round
224561 BRAN   3:00 PM
224562 SHAM
1st Qualifying Round
MOLD   3:00 PM
1st Qualifying Round
224565 EURP   3:00 PM
224566 LWAR
1st Qualifying Round
SCRZ   7:00 PM
209861 DCU   8:00 PM
209862 CNCI
AMRQ   8:15 PM
PRAN   8:30 PM
224821 CLN   8:30 PM
224822 ARJ
Round of 16 (2nd Leg)
209865 ORLD   10:00 PM
209866 POR
GMME   11:00 AM
SLTS   11:45 AM
ARDA   11:45 AM
JAGI   12:00 PM
TRIG   12:00 PM
VIKT   12:30 PM
PLNN   12:30 PM
205029 AHUS   1:00 PM
205030 COP
SBEL   1:00 PM
GOML   1:45 PM
BASL   2:00 PM
SLVS   2:00 PM
VCON   2:00 PM
TSC   2:00 PM
LGDK   2:30 PM
SLIG   2:45 PM
CORK   2:45 PM
COWD   2:45 PM
Group Stage
GRNK   2:45 PM
Group Stage
FHRP   3:00 PM
LOKO   3:00 PM
ALG   3:00 PM
AKTB   6:00 PM
OKZH   6:00 PM
ZHET   6:00 PM
ORDB   6:00 PM
KAIR   6:00 PM
OLMP   6:15 PM
209205 TJA   8:00 PM
209206 PUE
DPAS   8:30 PM
209209 JUAR   10:00 PM
209210 ALS
AUST   10:30 PM
SBLL   12:00 AM
689 TOR   9:00 PM
690 CAL


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