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Lastest Scores (6/12/21)
[ All times EDT ]
635 CHI   1:00 PM
636 IND
637 LA   8:00 PM
638 MIN
541 UTA   8:35 PM
542 LAC
West Semifinals - Game 3
981 SFO   2:05 PM
982 WAS
975 NYY   4:05 PM
976 PHI
963 KAN   4:07 PM
964 OAK
977 LAA   4:10 PM
978 ARI
955 ATL   4:10 PM
956 MIA
971 BAL   4:10 PM
972 TAM
965 CWS   4:10 PM
966 DET
951 COL   4:10 PM
952 CIN
953 PIT   4:10 PM
954 MIL
957 SDG   4:10 PM
958 NYM
969 SEA   4:10 PM
970 CLE
967 TOR   4:10 PM
968 BOS
973 HOU   7:15 PM
974 MIN
961 SFO   7:15 PM
962 WAS
959 STL   7:15 PM
960 CUB
979 TEX   10:10 PM
980 LOS
81 NYI   3:08 PM
82 TAM
206329 ODDS 0 FINAL
206330 KSND 2
206269 MOLD 3 FINAL
206270 SNFJ 1
225861 CIV   1:00 PM
225862 GHA
209869 ASTN   3:00 PM
209870 KC
225533   4:00 PM
225534 SKN
225529   5:00 PM
225530 HAI
208281 COR   6:00 PM
208282 PALM
208285 JUVT   6:00 PM
208286 SNT
225525 CUW   7:05 PM
225865   9:00 PM
225517 LIB   2:00 AM
225518 KOR
2nd Round (Group Stage)

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With all of our VAS data at your fingertips, the biggest mistake you could make is to select just a few picks. Why? Simple. It's all about the percentages. If NFL S/Us are running at 65%, then we are accurately predicting 13 out of every 20 S/U plays. If you pick 2 of the 16 possible weekly S/U bets, you have lowered your your chance of success from 65% down to 8.1% (65% x 2 ÷ 16). Therefore, play the percentages by spreading your risk across multiple bets. If SportsBetTech recommends 7 plays, make all 7 plays.

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VAS Subscribers

As a VAS Subscriber, you have access to a tremendous number of "raw" betting recommendations (no strategy behind how to use them). So, where do you start? Following is a simple strategy to utilize these "raw" betting recommendations.

  1. Check the winning percentages for each type of recommendation: VAS-S/U, VAS-Spreads, VAS-Totals
  2. Pick a sport and bet type that have high winning percentages. (Please keep in mind that some Money Lines may make it prohibitively expensive to make those plays. Furthermore, the larger the FAV Money Line, the greater the exposure in the event of an upset. Choosing S/U FAV Money Lines no higher than -300 (e.g., -250, -150 etc.) will allow you to make S/U bets with minimal risk.)
  3. Check the VAS Recs table and make your picks. (Note: You should pick a Sport/Bet Type that provides you with at least 6 recommendations. With this approach, if you lose 2 bets, you can still make money.)
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The following table illustrates how to make S/U Plays using the NFL VAS Recommendations for a given week (Week 12) with no S/U FAV Money Lines higher than -300.

The Net Winnings for Week 12 would have been $28.37 and the ROI would have been 31.5% for 9 bets at $10.00 per bet...Not bad!