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Lastest Scores (6/12/21)
[ All times EDT ]
635 CHI 49 2nd  (01:41)
636 IND 46
637 LA   8:00 PM
638 MIN
541 UTA   8:35 PM
542 LAC
West Semifinals - Game 3
981 SFO   2:05 PM
982 WAS
975 NYY   4:05 PM
976 PHI
963 KAN   4:07 PM
964 OAK
977 LAA   4:10 PM
978 ARI
955 ATL   4:10 PM
956 MIA
971 BAL   4:10 PM
972 TAM
965 CWS   4:10 PM
966 DET
951 COL   4:10 PM
952 CIN
953 PIT   4:10 PM
954 MIL
957 SDG   4:10 PM
958 NYM
969 SEA   4:10 PM
970 CLE
967 TOR   4:10 PM
968 BOS
973 HOU   7:15 PM
974 MIN
961 SFO   7:15 PM
962 WAS
959 STL   7:15 PM
960 CUB
979 TEX   10:10 PM
980 LOS
81 NYI   3:08 PM
82 TAM
206329 ODDS 0 FINAL
206330 KSND 2
206269 MOLD 3 FINAL
206270 SNFJ 1
225861 CIV 0 HALF
225862 GHA 0
209869 ASTN   3:00 PM
209870 KC
225533   4:00 PM
225534 SKN
225529   5:00 PM
225530 HAI
208281 COR   6:00 PM
208282 PALM
208285 JUVT   6:00 PM
208286 SNT
225525 CUW   7:05 PM
225865   9:00 PM
225517 LIB   2:00 AM
225518 KOR
2nd Round (Group Stage)

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